PayrollingPayrolling is sometimes ideal. This is where you choose to leave the ‘legal employer status’ to us. This offers you definite advantages. You run no risks related to employment contracts or legal matters


Employment without worries

You do not need to upkeep a salary administration or make tax deductions. You have no obligations under the Gatekeeper Act. You do not need to pay sick employees for years.

Sagius uitzendersEase

And the employees concerned do not fall under the CAO (collective employment agreement) of your sort of business (so that you do not pay towards sector funds, collective pension provisions, etc.).



In short, there is something to be said for delegating your human resources to Sagius Uitzenders. It saves your organisation a lot of time, and the salary expenses for an employee remain more or less the same!



  • Agreed remains agreed
  • Clear costs structure
  • Good payment behaviour
  • Available day and night
  • Arrange HR as you want