We want to look ahead at Sagius Uitzenders. We get the help of two advisers, who have left their traces as entrepreneurs:

Both look critically over our shoulders, but we will also listen to your advice, suggestions and ideas, and for this you can always contact us at all times. 


Raad van advies   raad van advies
               Ad Sagius                       Jan Meijboom RA      

  • Ad Sagius
    The father of Marc, though also just an entrepreneur. He set up Dactylo Employment agency in 1970, and built this unique ‘home formula’ into a solid organisation with 100 branches in 10 years. From 1980 Ad carried on under the Vedior flag as the Managing Director of Dactylo, which specialised within the Vedior Group in providing a service to the medium and small company. In 2002, when Dactylo had 200 branches, he left the company to specialise in other matters, which would make life worth living, such as his son’s company.

  • Jan Meijboom RA
    Chartered accountant, entrepreneur and manager. He was initially a partner in a medium-sized accountants and tax advisers office for 10 years, but begun under his own name in 1990 with Meijboom Accountants and Tax Advisers, which quickly made a name for itself and established branches in Rotterdam, Schiedam and Amsterdam. In 2000 the company merged with the renowned Berk Accountants and Tax Advisers, Jan left the company in 2002. Since 2003 he has been a consultant, interim manager and member of the board of a number of socially orientated organisations.  


  • Agreed remains agreed
  • Clear costs structure
  • Good payment behaviour
  • Available day and night
  • Arrange HR as you want