Sagius Uitzenders ** The employment agency for employers

  • Your Specialist for technical personnel from Central and Eastern Europe

    From production workers to skilled, certified
    workers from Slovakia and Poland.
    Depending on the work, unskilled or skilled,
    certified personnel can be deployed in the following sectors:

    Machinists CNC / turning / milling / boring / grinding, foundry workers, moulders, grinders, core makers, certified welders (all positions), construction fitters, sheet metal workers, upholsterers, machine builders, electricians, auto mechanics, painters, plasterers, carpenters, truck drivers, production staff and all other  technical common occupations.

    Sagius Uitzenders
  • The correct, professionally selected candidate at (very) short notice

    -  Value for your money, thanks to our excellent 
          price-quality relationship.
    -  Flexibility:
          employees for as long (or as short) 
    as you wish.
    -  Certainty and reliability, thanks to our varied certificates
          and quality marks.
    -  Ease: we take care of the transport and accommodation
          of the employees.
    -  A 24-hour service in accessibility and availability.  

  • Particularly for enterprising organisations

    Sagius Uitzenders work for the medium-sized and small company, and for hard workers from home and abroad, who feel at home with us, because we work quickly and efficiently, keep our agreements, provide a clear insight into the costs , are available day and night, and keep communication lines short. This must appeal to you. As must our personal approach and the special test tariff… 




  • Probably the best agency for temps in the country

    We are an unusual temporary employment agency, even though we say it ourselves. Sagius Uitzenders combine a unique background with a mountain of experience. This is what you notice whenever you enlist our help, and if you have a look at this website.

    Which employment agency immediately provides you with a look at the costs ? A checklist with tips ? Answers to many Personnel questions ? Help with personnel matters ? The guarantee that all obligations are met? And the possibility of the direct deployment of skilled workers from abroad ?

    We can prove excellent service to your organisation. Talking about proof … Try us out, just once, with no obligation. You can use a special test tariff for this ! 

  • Approved

    You want everything to be arranged perfectly - and so do we. We therefore meet the highest standards of the various controlling authorities. Only in this way do you have the guarantee that all obligations are and will be met. 


    Sagius Uitzenders

    Sagius Uitzenders

  • For people who want to get things done

    Sagius has a large variety of high and low skilled temps. They all have two things in common:they get things done and they persevere. This is our company's approach.

  • Specially for enterprising organisations

    Flexibility in the current market is a necessity in these times.
    Employees are important to your organisation. The increase in productivity and the corresponding decrease in the cost price are fine objectives.

    Sagius Uitzenders like to play an important role in this.

    Sagius Uitzenders


  • Agreed remains agreed
  • Clear costs structure
  • Good payment behaviour
  • Available day and night
  • Arrange HR as you want